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We've got your measure!

How to measure for your new YoYo blind.

Measuring is very straightforward but if you do have any questions or queries please use our 'Ask Nigel' feature or call Nigel on 0845 241 6898 during office hours. He will be happy to help.

All measurements should be in mm. We recommend that you use a steel tape measure. Please be careful when measuring for or fitting blinds and use the correct tools. Ideally make sure you have someone to hold your ladder if you need one.

You will be asked whether your measurement is a recess measurement or an exact measurement.


The Recess measurement

How to measure a recess


Measure the width of the window at the top, middle and bottom (they may differ especially if you have a part tiled wall) and use the narrowest width measurement

Measure the height of the window at the left, centre and right. Use the shortest height measurement.

Yoyo will make the necessary deductions to your measurement to ensure your blinds fit perfectly



The Exact Measurement

How to do an exact measurement


Measure the width of the area you would like the blind to cover. To minimise light intrusion we recommend a minimum of 50mm to each side of the window recess but you may want a shorter (or longer) overlap.

Measure the height from the point you wish to hang the blind down to where you would like it to drop to. We recommend that you place the mounting bracket at least 70mm above the recess.

With the exact measurement do remember to take into account any obstacles such as light switches or radiators that may effect how the blind hangs.



Measuring for a tilt and turn blinds

How to measure for a tilt and turn blind


If you are measuring for a tilt and turn blind then you will need to measure the width and height of the glass within it's frame. This will ensure that your blind will fit perfectly.









Measuring for an awning

How to meaure for an awning


Measure the required width of the awning. We recommend that you allow between 100mm-500mm each side of the window or door recess but do take into account any obstacles such as drainpipes. Remember that the wider your awning is, the more shading will be achieved. There are up to three projections to choose from depending on the width measurement 1500mm, 2000mm and 2500. The minimum width available is 1840mm, whilst the maximum is 4500mm




Measuring Velux blinds

Velux data plate

Our friends at Velux have made ordering a new Velux blind very simple (once you know how). Firstly locate the ?data plate' this can usually be found near the opening and closing mechanism. It looks like the plate below! The data plate tells us (and Velux) the exact size of your blind. You simply select the type of blind you would like (Roller, Siesta, Pleated Venetian or Awnings) and select your window code and you will be given the colour options you can choose.

If you have any problems don't forget to call Nigel on 0845 241 6898 during office hours. He will be happy to help.


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